The Weatheralls Primary School

Kennett Shakes Off Bullying!

In December, Kennett Primary School received a nomination from a local primary school to Shake Off Bullying!

The Shade Primary School, in Soham, invited the children and staff of Kennett to take a different approach to Anti-Bullying. The approach is about preparing our children for the real world by empowering them to be resilient, strong and proud of who they are.

The nominations began at St Andrew’s Primary School, in Soham, where they decided to Shake Off Bullying! They asked their children to think of negative comments they had received about themselves in their life and to shake them off to Taylor Swift's, ‘Shake It Off’. The whole school got together to dance to the song and shake off all those negative comments. Click here to see (look on their school's news page).

The Shade Primary School was then nominated and nominated us in turn to do the same… See their video here. 

In our video the children are shaking off bullying by:

*speaking out  *standing tall  *combating bullying with kindness and unity  *being resilient enough to 'Shake Off' bad experiences and helping to teach the bullies

Check out our children shaking off bullying by clicking play below...