The Weatheralls Primary School

Foundation Unit Success!

Seedlings & Saplings

Kennett Primary School is proud to share the success that we have had this last year opening places to Nursery aged children.

In our Foundation unit preschool (Seedlings) and reception children (Saplings) are nurtured together in a warm and friendly environment with a qualified Early Years Teacher and an experienced Level 3 Early Years Practitioner.

Our small and unique setting follows the Early Years Foundation Stage framework from birth to 5 years and we pride ourselves in creating individualised learning for every child.   We specialise in creating an environment that enables the children to be confident, happy and secure.

The children’s voices speak volumes – here are a few quotes of their opinions!

“I love the Seedlings with us because they are so sweet” Says James in Saplings

“The Seedlings play with us so nicely” says Tobias in Saplings

“We look after the Seedlings and make them so confident” says Ellie in Saplings

“I love being with Saplings because it is so fun” says Henry in Seedlings

“I can draw ladybirds and butterflies and heart shapes and flowers” says Emily in Seedlings.

“I love playing the sounds game Obb and Bob on the computer” says Harry in Seedlings.

This is what some of our parents say:

“Kennett preschool is an excellent setting with fantastic staff and resources. My daughter has thrived in this environment amongst the reception class. I couldn’t ask for a better setting for my child” Mrs Haird

“Seedlings and Saplings class has offered my son a vibrant and exciting start to his learning journey, accompanied by enthusiastic and friendly teachers. Mrs Mountford and Mrs Howlett are second to none! A true gem of a preschool”. Mrs Wood

“Being able to mix with the reception age children has given my child more confidence in trying to learn new things, he has grown so much since attending seedlings.” Mrs Allison